Launching a Legacy

Launching a Legacy

Our Legacy Collection showcases some of the brightest highlights within the House of Hazelwood inventory, comprising whiskies of exceptional character & provenance.

The collection includes releases that are the first of their kind, the last of their line, those that capture the spirit of an era and those that offer insights into the inner workings of the Scotch whisky community.

We have launched this collection with the whisky enthusiast consumer particularly in mind and recommend it to those looking to explore whiskies that they may never have seen before – each one of them with a story to tell. From the astonishingly bright, tropical fruit notes of Sunshine on Speyside to the decadent fruitcake character of The Tops these are whiskies of remarkable character the likes of which are rarely made available for sale on the open market.

There are rare stories too. The Lost Estate captures grain whisky of exceptional age from two of Scotland’s late, great grain distilleries – whiskies that can never be produced again. While our Spirit of Scotland blend harks back to a major milestone in the history of Scotch whisky, when the entire industry came together to celebrate 500 years of distilling heritage and to compete to create the greatest blend in Scotland.

We are thrilled to launch The Legacy Collection today and look forward to sharing it with enthusiasts the world over throughout the coming months. We trust that you will enjoy exploring the collection as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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