The Charles Gordon Collection

The Charles Gordon Collection

There have been few greater figures in the Scotch whisky industry than Charles Gordon and we are proud that he played such a significant role in laying down much of the stock that lies in cask for House of Hazelwood today.

The Charles Gordon Collection of rare and old Scotch whiskies that we bring to market today represents some of the most remarkable stock held within the House of Hazelwood inventory – every cask aged for at least fifty years, every bottle with a story to tell. These are our most precious stocks – highly collectable, highly limited, every one remarkable by virtue of its character, its provenance or its history.

These precious stocks are released in the hope that they will find their way towards individuals that value them for everything that they represent – a link to the past, a piece of history in the hand, a connection to Scotland’s long and proud history of distilling. From The First Drop of whisky to flow off the stills at Girvan grain distillery to releases such as Blended at Birth that are not only incredibly rare but also impossible to recreate today, each release is historically significant, truly compelling and – for those that choose to consume the whiskies – utterly delicious.

We are thrilled to make these releases available today and invite you to explore them with us.

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