Introducing Our Autumn Release

Introducing Our Autumn Release

Following the sell-out within weeks of our inaugural ‘First Drop’ release, we are proud to announce our much-anticipated Autumn Collection of eight rare and old Scotch whiskies. Hand-selected from the once-private collection of the Gordon family, the release contains some of the most sought-after and remarkable Scotch whiskies in the world.

The rarest within the collection, with just 74 bottles available worldwide, is the aptly named 1963 release – A Singular Blend. This remarkable single distillery blend comprises grain and malt components distilled within the very same Highland distillery in the same year of production, 58 years ago. A Scotch whisky of such provenance has never before been offered for sale at this age.

House of Hazelwood launched our inaugural collection in May this year, with the ambition to open the doors to the diverse range of rare, aged and storytelling whiskies laid down by the Gordon family over the last hundred years, none of which can ever be repeated.

As with the inaugural collection, eight whiskies have been released across two ranges: The Charles Gordon Collection and The Legacy Collection. The collection ranges from The Lowlander, an unusual 36-year-old release at £950 RRSP bringing together mature spirit from across a number of Scotland’s Lowland distilleries to A Singular Blend aged 58 years and with an RRSP of £4,900.

"These are tremendous whiskies – greatly aged, complex, outstanding on the palate. However, what really sets them apart are the stories behind them."

~ Charles Maclean, MBE

Our Autumn Collection is available exclusively for pre-order from the House of Hazelwood Shop throughout October, with sales of the highly sought-after A Singular Blend limited to House of Hazelwood Keyholders and existing buyers throughout this period. With just 74 bottles of A Singular Blend available worldwide, a significant number of the bottles have already been reserved by existing buyers.

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